German Jura beige

Jura beige has a touch of golden yellow, noble and elegant. It is a popular limestone at home and abroad. Jura beige has a modern European style and a magnificent of Chinese style. It can be widely used for decoration, interior and exterior wall, floor,step,paving .

The finishes include polished ,honed, sandblasted ,acid antiqued and bush-hammered,etc.It is the hotel and villa engineering ,as well as high-grade decoration of the preferred materials.It is suitable for large area use, good abrasive resistance, not easy to aging and long service life.

Physical data:
Density: 2.69g/cm
Water absorption: 0.23%
Compressive strength: 88.00Mpa
Dry flexural strength: 10.00Mpa
Mohs hardness: 4.6
Gloss: 89.2

Comparing with marbles, Jura Beige has many advantages:
(1)Good decorative performance— Beige in color with delicate and uniform texture, Jura Beige Limestone is beige tone, a most popular color for decoration with simple but elegant; does not contain radiation. With excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc.
(2) Durable and hard—No easy aging, with long service life say 60-80 years.
(3) Stable supply—The quarry is stable and huge, with big volume available for tens of years.
(4) Special characters—anti-frozen, non-conductive, non-magnetic.
(5) More common finishes—polished, honed, acid, sandblasted, tumbled antique and even flamed (by thermal, it gets a little bit red).

In one word, China Jura Beige limestone has much wider application range. It is absolutely more suitable for large area use, either for interior or exterior wall & ground.

German Jura Beige Test Report
German Jura Beige Test Report
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